Published: May 13, 2020

Planning your summer and looking to learn more? As courses move to remote formats, the School of Education summer courses offered during Summer Session are more accessible than ever and some are focusing on online technologies. 

A new course, Critical Digital Pedagogies (EDUC 5800-070), taught by Arturo Cortez, assistant professor of teacher learning, research, and practice, and José Ramón Lizárraga, assistant professor of learning sciences and human development, is a graduate seminar that meets virtually during A Term. Students will explore critical perspectives on the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning while examining the affordances and constraints of using instruments such as Learning Management Systems, online collaborative applications, virtual reality tools, and everyday gaming software in the design of robust learning environments for young learners.

Another course, Teaching Writing Online (EDUC 5800-080), taught by Christine Zabala, a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction and Literacy Studies, will focus on skills and strategies for K-12 and university educators who are teaching writing online and remotely.  Geared to high school writing instructors but also relevant for middle school or college curriculum, the course offers students tools necessary to effectively teach and respond to writing online, in both synchronous and asynchronous settings. 

In addition, CU Teach master teachers and faculty have moved their professional development courses for STEM teachers to virtual meetings, in which several different strategies will be modeled to improve both teachers' engagement with the new science standards and facilitation of online learning. CU Engage programs and courses within the Center for Community-Based Learning and Research are still accepting interested students to apply and enroll for this summer and fall 2020.

Here's a sample of some of the education classes offered this summer:

A Session (June 1–2)
EDUC 4310/5310-100 Social and Emotional Learning in Schools
EDUC 5800-070 Critical Digital Pedagogies
LEAD 4000-10/011 Leadership in Context and Emerging Challenges: A Capstone

B Session (July 7 – Aug. 7)
EDUC 2125-200 History of American Public Education
EDUC 2411-200 Educational Psychology for Elementary Schools
EDUC 5800-080 Teaching Writing Online
EDUC 5815-201 Teaching K-12 Mathematics: Number Sense
LEAD 1000-201 Becoming a Leader

F Session (July 21 – Aug. 4)
EDUC 5014 Ethical Dilemmas in Higher Education

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