Published: Oct. 19, 2018

Pathways2Teaching presentation

School of Education Pathways 2 Teaching student presentations at the UMC in May. (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

Colorado high school students interested in becoming teachers and community leaders can earn guaranteed admissions to CU Boulder’s School of Education. The admissions guarantee is thanks to a new agreement between CU Boulder and two high school concurrent enrollment programs. 

Both Teacher Cadet and Pathways2Teaching® programs offer college readiness courses and college credit for 11th and 12th grade students interested in exploring teaching as a career. 
The guaranteed admission agreement comes at a critical time. Colorado and the nation face significant teacher shortages, particularly in rural areas and among teachers of color, according to recent reports from Colorado Department of Higher Education in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education. Data show enrollment in teacher preparation programs have experienced year-over-year declines in enrollment in teacher preparation programs.
"We care deeply about recruiting and supporting excellent teachers, and it's an honor to work with Teacher Cadet and Pathways2Teaching programs to help collectively address critical teacher shortages, especially in areas where it matters most,” said Kathy Schultz, dean of the School of Education. “Given the strength and caliber of these programs, we are confident students will thrive in our education and leadership programs, persist to graduation and become life-changing teachers for many generations to come.” 

With over 20 programs and nearly 500 students in rural and urban high schools across the state, Teacher Cadet is known for its extensive internship and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Similarly, Pathways2Teaching, a nationally recognized initiative founded by CU Denver Professor Margarita Bianco, allows students to explore teaching while specifically examining critical issues in educational justice and diversifying the education workforce to better reflect the diversity of students.

This new agreement will allow CU Boulder to effectively enroll students who have the academic preparation, interest in education and demonstrated strength in the non-academic variables that are necessary to succeed as a teacher and as a community leader. 

Importantly, the strength of the students’ academic performance will be reviewed within the context of the student background and experiences, and all students will be given full consideration regardless of whether they meet the qualifications for guaranteed admission. 

“It is inspiring to work with Teacher Cadet students as they propel forward as future educators,” said Michelle Dennis, Teacher Cadet Director. “The new admissions agreement with University of Colorado Boulder is a welcome opportunity that ensures Teacher Cadet students can pursue yet another path to becoming an educator.”