Published: April 25, 2018

Davis GidneyMy name is Davis and I’m from Frisco, Colorado. I’m currently majoring in International Affairs and completing the licensure program in secondary social studies. This coming May, I will be graduating from the University and will be student teaching at Fox Ridge Middle School this coming fall. 

My journey to attend the University of Colorado Boulder was a long and tumultuous path. Senior year of high school, I applied to 15 different colleges across the nation. After receiving acceptance letters and visiting the subsequent schools, my choice of colleges was down to two. I postponed the decision until the last possible day, May 1st.  I created a list of pros and cons and contemplated each choice thoroughly. After countless hours of confusion, I came to the realization that I was meant to be a Buff. I remember walking onto the CU Boulder campus and feeling a sense of belonging.  I could see myself studying in Norlin Library, eating in the C4C and most importantly, finding my niche.  This realization made my choice simple, I would go to the University of Colorado at Boulder.Davis Gidney

These last few years at the University of Colorado have been chalked full of amazing adventures, numerous opportunities for growth and the creation of life-long friendships. Initially, I entered the University of Colorado as an Integrative Physiology major. I was convinced I would one day become an anesthesiologist. However, after my first semester, I came to the realization that medicine simply wasn’t for me.  After copious amounts of soul searching, I discovered International Affairs. I loved traveling and found politics extremely interesting.

After a year and a half of being enrolled in the International Affairs Program, I realized I wanted something more. I sorted through the numerous programs that CU had to offer. None of them interested me until I found the Education Licensure Program. I realized that all of my favorite teachers growing up were social studies teachers and I wanted to be just like them. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have enjoyed all of the classes and each professor has been incredibly impactful.

I’m currently finishing up my last semester of school and couldn’t be more excited about my future. I have loved the friends I’ve made in the program and the lessons I’ve learned have been priceless. I am so thankful that I attended CU and found the Teacher Licensure Program in the School of Education.

~ Davis Gidney

International Affairs and Secondary Teacher Licensure Student, 2018