Published: April 4, 2018
Ruben Donato

University of Colorado Boulder Professor Rubén Donato to be awarded the 2018 Distinguished Career Contribution Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the country’s largest interdisciplinary research association devoted to the study of education and learning.

“This year’s award winners exemplify commitment to the study and practice of education,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “We are proud to honor their outstanding scholarship and service to the field.”

The AERA Committee on Scholars of Color in Education awards are intended to recognize three scholars at different stages in their careers who have made significant contributions to the understanding of issues that disproportionately affect minority populations, and minority scholars who have made a significant contribution to education research and development.      

The Scholars of Color Distinguished Career Contribution Award is presented to a senior-level scholar, usually 20 years or more after his or her receipt of a doctoral degree.

Donato is a professor and chair of Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice in the School of Education at CU Boulder. As an educational historian, Donato studies the historical dimensions of educational equality and has delved into the educational history of Latino education in the United States.

“There are only two other education historians who have received this award in recent years— James Anderson and Ronald Takaki— certainly impressive and fitting company for our colleague,” CU Boulder School of Education Dean Kathy Schultz said. “We are so lucky to have him on our faculty.”

Donato was previously recognized as an AERA fellow in 2012, and has served as the AERA Chair of the Committee on Scholars of Color in Education and the AERA Program Chair of Division F (History and Historiography).

AERA will honor the recipients for their outstanding scholarship and service at the sixth annual Awards Luncheon, April 15, from 12:15-2:25 p.m. at the AERA Annual Meeting in New York City.