Published: Sept. 30, 2016

Ben Kirshner was honored with this year's Provost’s Faculty Achievement Award earlier today, at CU Boulder's 11th Annual Fall Convocation & Awards Ceremony. Kirshner is the faculty director for CU Engage and associate professor of learning sciences and human development.

Kirshner was nominated by the Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Professor Lorrie Shepard and then selected for the award by a campus committee of his colleagues.

In selecting Kirshner for this award, the faculty committee pointed to the importance of his book, Youth Activism in the Era of Educational Inequality, which won the "Best Authored Book” award from the Society for Research on Adolescence in 2015. They were also intrigued by his quantitative and qualitative examination of the ways in which having youth participate in community activism strengthens development. In addition, the committee appreciated Kirshner's work as having both scholarly and practical impact, explained Provost Russell Moore in a letter of recognition.

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