Here are some tips on Water Usage at Home!


  • Turn off faucets, including shower, when not actively in use.
  • Choose showering (averages 25 gallons of water per use) over bathing (averages 50 gallons of water per use) whenever possible.
  • Use a toilet tab (included in EcoKit) to check to see if your toilet is wasting water.

  • Set a timer on your showers.

  • Conduct regular leak hunts in all of your home faucets, and replace leaky appliances.

  • Insulate water pipes so your bathroom receives hot water faster


  • Rinse efficiently, reuse water in the sink for garbage disposal if possible.
  • In general, composting saves much more water than garbage disposal use.

  • Defrost food in microwave or fridge instead of under running water.

  • Rinse and scrub produce in bowl instead of under running sink, use leftovers to water plants if possible (KCET).

  • Hand-wash dishes that aren’t too dirty.

  • Reuse water when possible (e.g. using same water to steam vegetables then make pasta or rice.)(KCET).

  • Chill drinking water in pitcher or bottle in fridge beforehand rather than letting water run until it gets cold (KCET)

  • When boiling water for coffee, tea, or pasta, only pour what you will need.


  • Don’t run laundry or dishwasher until they are full.
  • If you have a laundry machine, don’t waste too much water hand washing dishes beforehand (NRDC).

  • Let professionals or car washes wash your car (NRDC).


  • Plant native species when possible so you won’t need to water them (NRDC)
  • Reuse kitchen water to water plants

  • Use a composting system instead of your sinks built-in garbage disposal