CU Boulder is pleased to offer a campus sustainability program for faculty and staff. The educational program integrates many of CU’s campus sustainability initiatives, including transportation, purchasing, recycling, and energy. The program has environmental and financial impacts, with very little time commitment. The Green Office program is coordinated by the CU Environmental Center. There are two ways to engage with the program, employees can choose between a Sustainability Ambassador and a Sustainability Liason role. To get started, complete this brief interest form!

Green Office Engagement Roles

The 5 Steps of Green Office Certification

1. Designate a Sustainability Liaison

  • A representative willing to facilitate the certification process, share E-Center news, and orient new staff and faculty to your office's sustainable practices.

2. Complete the Green Office Self-Assessment Forms

  • These are gogle forms provided by the Green Office Coordinator to collect data of your office practices.
  • As you complete one, the next will be sent to you until you complete all the forms and get your score and Green Office rating.

3. Verification Visit

  • Schedule a walk-through of your office with the Green Office Program Coordinator (takes approximately 30 minutes). This is a great time to ask questions.

4. Recommendations

  • Receive a list of practices to implement and better understand your office's sustainable strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Make improvements where you can!

5. Schedule a Green Office Training Presentation

  • Informational presentation on recycling, transportation, energy, and purchasing. It is one hour long and is for all staff in the department. *It seems to be easiest to schedule this presentation during a staff meeting. 

Congratulations, you are now a certified Green Office!  

Following completion of the 5 steps to certification, the scores from your self-assessment will be posted on the Environmental Center Website under the Green Office Program section.  Certified offices and departments receive recognition on an annual press release and a certificate at the annual campus environmental awards ceremony. The Green Office logo will be available for posting on any appropriate printed materials and website.

6. Improve your score!

Keep us posted on the improvements you make during or after certification.  After completing the certification process, you will have the option to update your self-assessment if you have implemented new sustainable practices.


For more information on the Green Office Program, contact or call 303-492-8308.