Published: Dec. 3, 2015

Large grants for Board review


Fall 2018, posted in order received

1. Smiley Community Garden, $11,449.94 requested

2. University Theatre Lighting, $40,000 requested

3. Forgotten Hive Project, collaboration between City of Boulder and CU Boulder, $10,400 requested


Spring 2018

1. SEEC Garden Expansion (Fall 2017 class cornerstone project, submitted Dec2017)

2. Conference on World Affairs 2018 Environmental Sustainability Initiative

3. CU Boulder Urban Hyperlocal - Spring Resubmission

4. Recreation Services MaxR Zero Waste Bins

5. PediU Pedicabs

6. Green Chemistry Certificate Scholarships

7. UMC Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Fall 2017, posted in order received

1.  UMC MaxR Zero Waste cabinets,  $15,000 requested

2.  Boulder Urban Free Farm/ Boulder Hyperlocal, $60,000 requested


February 2017

  1. Tri Rho: Greeks Reduce Reuse, Recycle,  $4,660 requested
  2. Student Sustainability Engagement App proposal,  $80,000 requested
  3. CU Recycling E-Ride Vehicle,  $20,000 requested
  4. CUSG Sustainability Think Tank Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Replacement,  $38,977.78  requested  (application received 4/10/17)

October 2016

  1. Theatre & Dance light replacement, $80,000 requested

Spring 2016

1.   CUPD Paperless Initiative, $75,000 requested

2.  SEEC Garden and Learning Landscape,  $12,500 requested

Fall 2015

1. UMC Food Donations Freezer,  $4,339.04 requested

2. CU Green Labs Shared Ultra-Low Freezer, $25,896 requested

3. Zero Waste Hall Council Events, $11,311.27 requested

VAST Wind Turbine Project,  $6,000 requested

5. CU Biodiesel Mobile Processor ESTER II,  $50,000 requested

Spring 2015

Marching Band Water Bottles, $11,989.41 requested

Electric Light and Fun (ELF) Vehicles proposal, $18,500 requested

Stadium Water Fountain Installations, $8,992 requested

Take Back the Tap UMC Hydration Stations Retrofits,  $5,575 requested

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Sponsorship, $16,000 - $64,000 ($16,000 per project for up to 4 projects)

Ralphie's Green Stampede Zero Waste Stations, $103,400 requested

Late Submission (received 2/20/15)
"Bee Boulder" intelligent beehive network, $43,804 requested

Fall 2014

CU Athletics Sustainable Snacks

Electric Assist Bicycles for Applied Exercise Science Lab/ Bike Station

UMC Flameless Urns

Campus Sustainability Report

Spring 2014

Folsom Field Surplus Food Freezer, and quote
$3,396.67 plus GA/IR

CU Pollinator Garden Project, budget, and Appendix
$16,050 - $151,290

Williams Village Greenhouse Initiative:  Cover letter with Garden Funding Reallocation Request, Tower Garden Proposal and Aquaponic Concept Paper
$118,138 earmarked from previous SCU funds, reallocation requested

April 7th Resubmission of UMC Food Services LeanPath System with change in funds requested
  [Original request: UMC Food Services LeanPath System, $7,998.50]

Microscale Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

Multipurpose Mobile Algae Photobioreactor System

Fall 2013

Ceramics Kiln Forced Air Blower proposal, and budget attachment

Maren Waldman's MFA Dance production with Doc Focus Addendum, and Revised Budget