Students can apply for a semester-long for-credit internship or independent study project with the Environmental Center.  

Internships are available on a limited basis, depending on the priorities and projects of the current semester, capacity of supervisors, and skills and interests of applicants.  See Current Openings for anticipated intern needs and job descriptions.

Academic credit for an internship must be facilitated and approved by your academic major department.

Students can work with the E-Center as a paid employee, paid intern for a specified term, or intern for academic credit.  In order to earn academic credit while in a paid position, the student will need to work with the supervisor and internship advisor to identify desired and approved learning outcomes.


To apply, see Current Openings and complete our online employment application as if you were applying for a paid job, and select "non-paid for-credit internship" as the position you are applying for.   You may complete a single application form to be considered for internships and paid positions.