Did you know that where you place your ULT freezer is important? Certainly you need to have the correct electrical capabilities for your freezer to function, but besides that, why would the location of your freezer matter?

ULT freezers are large energy consumers, and they also produce a lot of heat. The room or location where you place your ULT freezer should be able to vent off the heat produced by it. If the room has insufficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) capabilities, you run the risk of forcing the building’s HVAC system to compensate heavily for the heat produced by your ULT freezer, possibly affecting the ventilation and increasing energy consumption for the entire building.


Equipment rooms and laboratories with localized cooling (such as fan coil units) are better locations for ULT freezers than hallways, closets, and offices. Doing your homework for ULT freezers sticker imageThe former have sufficient cooling and ventilation to support heat producing equipment like ULT freezers.

Poster graphic reminding researchers to think about placement of large energy intensive equipment.