The Shared ULT Freezer Program aims to establish efficiently used, shared ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers around the CU Boulder campus. Scientists can rent space in a ULT freezer instead of purchasing an entire freezer for their lab. Developing a model where different labs share ULT freezers promotes equipment sharing on our campus, reduces laboratory plug loads, encourages more efficient use of freezer space and contributes to the sustainability culture of the CU Boulder campus. 

CU Green Labs wishes to encourage a culture of shared lab equipment on our campus, not just for the costly, specialized equipment but also for more general items such as incubators, centrifuges and freezers. The fees collected from using our shared ULT freezers may go toward repairing or replacing them at their end of life. Overall, the purpose of our program is to save research dollars, save researcher time and minimize the environmental footprint of research taking place at CU Boulder. Sustainable CU, Facilities Management and the College of Arts and Sciences provided funding to purchase four shared ULT freezers for the campus.