Use CU Green Labs as a resource!

CU Green labs aims to be a resource to CU Boulder for laboratory freezer topics and is often contacted about freezer failures, opportunities for sharing, suggested purchases of energy efficient units, and a variety of other issues. During times of crisis we provide labs with -20 ⁰C mobile freezers, or we will help them line up space in other freezers in their department while they deal with a critical freezer problem. CU Green Labs has just launched a Shared Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Program, click the link to learn more!

By facilitating solutions for freezers, we are able to connect labs for freezer sharing opportunities and provide monetary incentives from Facilities Management towards energy efficient units. This saves laboratories research dollars, saves the university money, and helps CU Boulder work towards university sustainability goals for energy conservation. The incentives CU Green Labs can offer are made available by Facilities Management and can be applied to other equipment types beyond freezers such as biosafety cabinets, incubators, and vacuum pumps, to name a few. Click on the links at left to learn more about freezers.

General Emergency action plan download pdf iconSticker for ULT Freezers indicating that this one is at -70 celsius