The Buff Surplus website helps facilitate the exchange and re-use of surplus property between campus departments. By using the site you are helping to save funding, reduce waste on campus, maximize property utilization and avoid premature property disposal.

Before purchasing or disposing that item, visit the Buff Surplus website to:

  • Find items waiting to be claimed for re-use in other departments/institutes
  • Post items no longer needed that could be of use elsewhere on campus

Visit the site at:
*Please note this site can only be accessed from an internal CU Boulder internet connection or when logged into the CU Boulder VPN.

Creation of the site was a project led by the CU Green Labs Program in partnership with CCO--Property Accounting, the Office of Contracts and Grants, EH&S, EBIO IT, OIT, IPHY, CU Recycling, Facilities Management, the Environmental Center, and ASSETT.

Buff Surplus poster