Ziyu Li Ziyu Li

Ziyu received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering in 2020 here at CU Boulder and just recently received a master's degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Statistics & Data Science this past semester. She has been with CU Green Labs since 2016 and has worked on the mobile freezer program, shared ULT freezer program, routine recycling and more. When Ziyu is not studying or working in research, she loves to play video games, cook, and travel.


Liebe Nasser Liebe Nasser

Liebe is an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Engineering in the class of 2024. Environmental conservation has always been a great passion of hers and she is constantly discovering and implementing new sustainable tactics in her life. Outside of school, she can be found snowboarding, watching movies, or trying out new creative outlets.


Maya Pfeiler Maya Pfeiler

Maya is an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies. She has always been very passionate about the environment and making a positive change in the world. Sustainability is also a very important part of her life in which she is always working to improve and learn. Outside of school, she loves to spend time outside, doing anything from hiking to just sitting and doing homework. Maya also loves to crochet, invest energy in anything creative, watch movies, and spend time with her friends and family!