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Holiday season is upon us and there are ways to make more sustainable habits surrounding your food choices. Most people have this time off and will be surrounded by friends and family. Considering your choices this holiday season, there are ways to make it more sustainable.

According to the World Wildlife Fund

  • Agriculture accounts for 70% of freshwater used by people and contributes to nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • About 29% of global fish stocks are over-exploited and 61% are fully-exploited. This means that the fishing has gotten to be so much that it overtakes the ability to replenish the amount of fish.

  • EPA estimates that household waste increases by about 25% during the holidays.

Some ways to reduce your waste this holiday season:

  • Try not to over prepare food that will go to waste. Having just enough food for your company can prevent leftovers

  • Store leftover food and use that for future meals. Storing the leftovers in a refrigerator can help reduce your food waste and reduce the amount of time preparing for future meals.

  • Try to avoid meat options or shop your products sustainably. Buying locally sourced food items and using alternatives to meat can reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • See this link for more information on having a green holiday from the CU Environmental Center.

Things to ask your guests this holiday season:

  • Bring their own food. Potlucks can decrease the stress of the host and decrease the amount of food waste.

  • Ask guests to carpool. Having a carpool reduces the amount of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions from your car.

  • Use alternatives to wrapping paper. Saving your newspaper, using bags, or using recyclable wrapping paper can help reduce the amount of landfill from gifts.

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