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Glass jars are commonly found and bought daily. After using the original product that came inside of them, be sure to eliminate your waste by cleaning them out and using the following creative methods to repurpose your jars! Whether they are to be used as drinking glasses or as a DIY candle, the options to give your jars a new life are endless! Plus, they will last forever and aid in living a zero-waste lifestyle. They can be repurposed infinitely and come in all shapes and sizes.

Zero Waste Importance:

  • When you buy items that come in jars, never throw those away! Keep them and turn them into repurposed items! The key to a zero waste life is to keep goods and materials in a cycle, so giving items new life and use is essential.

  • Bring empty jars to bulk stores and fill them up with whatever contents you need, flour, rice, granola, etc! Some local bulk stores to support:


  • A great way to repurpose a jar is to use it for leftovers--drinks, snacks, etc. 

  • Use them as decorative pieces, such as vases for flowers or decorative containers.

  • On the go lunch? Consider filling up a jar with soup, salad, pasta, anything!

  • Jars are great alternatives for keeping spices in and refilling them whenever they run low.

  • Add a pump and use it as a soap dispenser

  • Any item you need to store, consider using jars because they are long-lasting and are transparent so you can see exactly what is being stored/and how much more of it you have left.


  • Body scrubs and other DIY cosmetic products you may need, some ideas include:

  • Candles, making your own with your favorite essential oils or to gift to a friend! Get even more crafty and consider painting it and adding a special touch to your jars!

  • Making your own pickles! Here is a fun recipe to try out if you are a fan of pickles.

  • Gifts! Making a little baking concoction with all the dry ingredients already measured out like a cookie/brownie mix, or a hot cocoa kit are always great gifts and they can reuse the jar afterwards!

Other Fun Uses for Jars:

  • Freezing leftover soups/broth is a perfect use for any glass jar. 

  • Sourdough starter, make sure to use a loose lid! 

  • Making salad dressings, plus a jar has the perfect approach to shaking it! Plus it would be perfect for bringing to work/school for lunch.

  • Terrariums! Adds a little greenery to your home, or even your desk.

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