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YOU can be the solution by joining the Mugs of CU!  It only takes one simple daily habit... Lug Your Mug!  If you get in the habit to take your mug with you every day or leave it in your bag/car, then your actions create a direct positive impact for the planet and the people!

What problem are you solving with this simple daily change?  Well, the cost of this disposable “convenience” can be seen in the paper coffee cups that add up in our landfill bins and contaminate our recycling systems.  It is estimated that 400 million paper cups are used each day in the US, leading to upwards of 25 billion cups ending up the landfill each year.

The Cost of “Convenience” from Disposable Cups

Coffee Cups are NOT Recyclable

  • Almost all paper cups are coated with a plastic lining that makes them NOT recyclable
  • The plastic coating cannot be easily separated from the paper and then contaminates any pulp it is combined with in the paper making process
  • Do NOT put paper cups into your recycling bin!
  • Some cups are compostable and can go in your curbside compost bin
  • However, the recycling industry is always evolving and certain communities have been establishing recycling programs for paper cups where there are end markets to turn them into new products
  • The City of Denver, along with a few other cities in the country, have been collecting paper cups in their recycling program.  
  • This option is not widespread, so make sure to check with your local community before putting cups into your recycling bins.








Choose to Reuse – Reasons Why









Lug Your Mug events at CU

  • Free Coffee if you Lug Your Mug
    • No coffee cups will be provided
  • Join the Zero Waste Outreach Team every Wednesday for 4 weeks on the following dates:
    • 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
  • At the ATLAS/VAC corridor... find our table just outside ATLAS (near Peoke coffee shop)
  • From 9am until we run out of coffee
  • Our main goals:
    • Reward people who Lug Their Mugs
    • Support reuse
    • Incentivize people to get in the habit to bring their mug
    • If you miss us one week, we will be there again until 11/3
  • Get in the habit... Lug Your Mug... Choose to Reuse