Ralphie's Green Stampede was established in 2008 as the Nation's first NCAA Division 1 Sports Sustainability Program. RGS aims to use the power of sport to encourage fans to adopt sustainable practices such as reducing waste and saving water and energy at home, work, and play.

We are zero:

CU Athletics is proud to be home to the nations first zero waste athletic program. In 2008, Folsom Field became the first zero waste athletic stadium and Coors Event Center achieved zero waste soon after. 

By integrating compostable and reuseable materials into gamedays, Buffs fans are easily able to reduce waste. In addtion, our volunteers are trained in proper waste disposal to further assist fans. 

Future goals include using Ralphie's Green Stampede to further integrate zero waste programs throughout campus. We hope to achieve this by 2020.

CU Boulder does not use synthetic chemical pesticides on turf, including all sports fields. We have constructed something we refer to as a 'compost tea.' Compost tea acts as a catalyst for bacterial and microbial agents to increase and diversify the natural nutrients in the soil, which eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. The main benefit to the compsot tea is that it helps speed up Mother Nature's natural processes like regrowth. Fertilizer differs from pesticides because fertilizer comes in a liquid or solid form and provides nutrients to the soil. Pesticides do the opposite, eliminating, preventing, and controlling pests in the soil. 

CU Athletics has zeroed out carbon emissions via conservation, efficiency, on site renewable energy, and local carbon offsets. 

All athletic facilities use water saving fixtures. Including the fields which are on a "smart watering" system. In addition, CU students help install water conservatice plumbing in local low-income homes and restoration projects increase water flows along the Colorado River basin. Furthering our Net Zero Water efforts. Ralphie's Green Stampede is proud to partner with Wells Fargo to promote water restoration through our Water for the West campaign. For each text pledge we recieve, 1000 gallons of water is restored to the Colorado River Basin. 

Our indoor practice facility is the first net-zero energy building of its kind. All four LEED Platinum athletics facilities use 40% less energy than non-green buildings.