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Have you ever wondered how the world is interconnected? We have no throwaway people or places, everyone has a place in the world. So when we celebrate Earth Day we really in a sense celebrate life and the awesome interconnectedness of our home planet that allows all of us to survive, thrive, and create for each other. As we live on this planet, we are helping to build the future. So keeping this in mind, Earth Day is right around the corner Buffs! To celebrate Earth Day, there will be an “Earth Week” from April 19-23! How are you celebrating this year? There are many opportunities to get involved, most of them virtual events. Below we have four examples that will hopefully inspire you with ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. Check them out below!


The futuresBoard at CU is doing one more workshop in celebration of Earth Day this year. What can the world look like in 2051? Imagine we have met our climate goals and reduced our e- waste. How are old objects repurposed into new usable objects? These will all be questions and ideas explored at this workshop, please join in on the discussion on April 22nd.

Volunteering with CoPIRG Students

If you want to help out with a clean-up or create a greater impact on campus think about volunteering with CoPIRG Students or maybe joining the Environmental Board (Eboard) run through the Environmental Center. During Earth Week CoPIRG Students have some awesome events planned from clean-ups to speakers! Eboard is constantly working to improve our campus and make it more sustainable and wonderful for all CU students, faculty, and staff to enjoy! Think about joining some awesome events they have planned and find out more about them at the links included above.

Solar Punks

Going off of the futuresBoard, having an optimistic view of the future is powerful. Celebrate this Earth Day by educating yourself on futurists! An example of this could be the aesthetic and the movement by Solar Punk enthusiasts. Not exactly the opposite of Steam Punk, but close enough to it - Solar Punk is going more into this idea of repurposing the world and finding more balance between nature and humans. It includes a “vision of a positive future, that blends nature and technology”. If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about, joining a FB group on the subject could be extremely valuable! Check out an example here

Afrofutures and Indigenous Futures

There is no future without environmental justice. Look to Afrofutures and Indigenous Futures for visions of beauty and justice. We need more people to understand intersectionality and how it touches everyone so we can become more empathetic of others and create a greater understanding and vision that includes everyone - not just ourselves and similar identities to ourselves. This is key to saving our environment and should be something we acknowledge on Earth Day, and every day. Think about joining CU Wildlife Club’s Environmental Justice Committee, attend the final Eco-Social Solutions Series talk on April 15th, or participate in a workshop on the topic! You can find more information on the Environmental Center’s website for upcoming dates.