Published: Dec. 10, 2015

Disability Services is pleased to announce that a new feature in the faculty toolkit allows instructors to see when their course contains students who have registered with Disability Services and received approved accommodations. This is marked by an accessibility symbol that appears next to the course in the faculty toolkit.

Clicking the accessibility symbol in the faculty toolkit allows instructors to see the list of accommodations approved for that course, along with how many students are approved to receive each accommodation. This information will also appear at the top of course rosters. Please note that students are individually responsible for working directly with instructors to disclose and request their approved accommodations.

Faculty Toolkit screenshot.

While the accommodation information viewed in the faculty toolkit is provided by Disability Services, this feature was made possible by partnering with the University Information Systems (UIS), Office of Information Technology (OIT), and WebComm teams of CU Boulder.

For more information, visit the MyCUInfo Faculty Toolkit page of our website or email