Beginning in spring 2022, academic and administrative unit leaders will use the results of the Campus Culture Survey and other resources to initiate next steps for developing action plans to address the challenges impeding our ability to create and sustain a more inclusive campus environment.

Broadly speaking, the goals of these action plans will be to promote greater diversity, equity and inclusion, and to further support the academic, research and career success of students, faculty and staff. They will also focus on eliminating barriers disproportionately affecting people from marginalized, minoritized and historically underrepresented communities and impacting their achievement, safety and sense of community.

The goals are intentionally broad, unit-focused, flexible and formative so that units can consider local contexts as they create outcomes and their own action plans.

  • Staff diversity, equity and inclusion consultants from the office of the senior vice chancellor for DEI will work with unit leaders to set goals and propose outcomes appropriate for specific units, locate resources needed to support the work, and determine the success of the goals and outcomes.

  • The staff consultants will provide coaching and support, help to illuminate needed work to advance unit goals, and connect units to other units to synthesize efforts. This will build the accountability and transparency needed to demonstrate progress.

  • Units will prioritize one or two goals and have the independence and flexibility to put their goals into action in ways that align with their priorities, context and previous work.

  • With the support of designated staff consultants, units will also tie in recommendations from the chancellor’s strategic priorities, the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academics (IDEA) Plan, the five DEI goals inspired by the IDEA Plan, the Buff Undergraduate Success initiative and other campus efforts.

  • Units should also involve students and employees while collecting information related to their priority goals and regularly solicit their ideas, information and insights.

  • Units will also have access to an online resources hub that will curate research and other resources designed to build and share knowledge related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Campus units will be able to participate in community gatherings to share challenges and successes with students, staff, faculty, campus leaders, shared governance groups and other members of the CU Boulder community.

  • Finally, units will create and submit proposals for impact grants that will be peer reviewed and provide support for their initiatives.