Will there be security requirements at the Coors Event Center?

You will be required to pass through security prior to entering Coors Events Center. Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the event as this will allow plenty of time to pass through security. Please bring a government issued ID.

Prohibited items

The Coors Events Center complies with all TSA and Homeland Security prohibited items lists. 

Prohibited items include:

  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances and paraphernalia (including medical marijuana or associated marijuana products)
  • Sharp objects, including pocket knives of any kind or size. 
  • No Pepper Spray
  • Open bottles, cans, or glass bottles.
  • Umbrellas of any size
  • Firearms or weapons of any type (including handguns carried in accordance w/ the Colorado Conceal & Carry Act).
  • Designated artificial noise makers such as whistles or air horns and Laser pointers
  • Signs or flags on sticks or poles of any kind including Selfie Sticks (regardless of length)
  • GoPro Cameras
  • Any unapproved signs or banners
  • Footballs, Frisbees, inflatable balls, balloons, totems, or any sporting equipment.
  • Skateboards, skates, bicycles and non-ADA mobility devices
  • Fireworks, ammunition or any explosive material or liquid
  • Animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • Drones or any airborne items
  • No backpacks or messenger bags
  • No professional recording equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio (No detachable lenses, Tripods, Big Zooms, or Commercial Use Rigs)
  • No Flash photography
  • Bags bigger than 10” x 10” – Small single compartment soft sided bag or clutch purses OK

There is no storage space available on campus or in Coors Event Center, so please plan accordingly. 

*Rules subject to change without notice.

What kind of bag can I bring with me into the event center?

Please use small backpacks and bags; bags and backpacks larger than 10" x 10" inches will not be allowed into the venue due to security guidelines. All bags will be subject to security screenings.

Can I bring food or beverages into the event center?

No. Food and beverage items may not be brought into the Coors Events Center. Concession stands will sell food and beverages.

Can I bring water?

No. You can bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at the Coors Events Center.

Can I bring an empty water bottle?

Yes. There are water fountains at the Coors Events Center to fill your water bottles.

Can I bring my cell phone with me?


Can my child attend the event?

Yes. Children three (3) and older will be required to have their own seat and will need a ticket for the event. 

Can I bring a camera or video camera to the event?

No. You will be allowed to bring your phone into the venue, but cameras and video cameras are not allowed.

Can I bring signs or flags to the Coors Events Center?


XIV. Posting of Signs, Fliers, Banners, and Other Materials on Campus

  1. Banners, fliers, signs, and other postings are not permitted except as provided in this policy.
  2. For Events involving distribution of fliers or other Literature, see Section XI, Canvassing.
  3. This section does not apply to permanent University signage or any signage related to public safety operations.
  4. A University Department may request permission to post a Banner on a Facility exterior or in an Outdoor Space.
    1. In deciding whether to grant the request, the CUUF Committee shall consider the following:
      1. The connection with the University's mission.
      2. Whether the posting is done pursuant to a written contract with a University Department.
      3. Whether the posting promotes or provides information about University operations such as classes, orientation, and registration.
      4. The posting recognizes achievement by a University Department.
      5. The posting is in connection with a CUSG election and is to be posted on the Wardenburg Health Center, the Recreation Center, and/or the University Memorial Center.
      6. The duration, size, material, and location of the posting.
  5. Posting in Outdoor Spaces:
    1. Posting is only permitted at the Eckley Kiosk.
    2. Postings on the Eckley Kiosk are removed on a weekly basis.
    3. Banners are not permitted on the Eckley Kiosk.
  6. Posting in Facilities:
    1. The Building Proctor of a Facility or portion of the Facility may designate where posting is permitted in the Facility.
    2. Postings in a Facility must comply with the following:
      1. Posting is only permitted on existing bulletin boards or other University-designated space.
      2. Multiple copies of the same posting on the same space are prohibited except on the Eckley Kiosk.
      3. A posting may not be larger than 18" by 24."
      4. Spaces where posting is permitted will be periodically cleared without notice to individuals posting material.
      5. Individuals posting material may not cover or remove other postings.
      6. Postings must be fastened with appropriate methods (staples, thumbtacks, or other temporary fastening method). Fastenings that damage or mar the space (strapping tape, duct tape, glue, etc.) are prohibited.
  7. Advertising
    1. No Posting or other distribution of Commercial advertising, including but not limited to lawn signs, is permitted for persons, groups, firms, etc.
    2. This section does not apply to advertising pursuant to a contract, lease, or license with the University.
  8. Unattended Literature in Facilities and Outdoor Spaces.
    1. Unattended Literature may only be placed on campus in accordance with this section. This does not include distribution of Literature at an Event involving Canvassing.
    2. The University Department of Facilities Management, in consultation with the building proctor, will designate appropriate locations for the placement of unattended Literature. All unattended Literature must be placed in racks, shelves or other designated areas in these approved locations.
    3. Anyone wanting to place unattended Literature in any Facility or Outdoor Space must enter into a license agreement with the University, through University Facilities Management.
    4. The campus prohibits the distribution of unattended Literature in any Facility or Outdoor Space if the distributor fails to execute a license agreement or is found to be in default of an established license as reasonably determined by the Department of Facilities Management after being provided reasonable notice and time to cure.
    5. The campus will dispose of Literature placed in Facilities or Outdoor Spaces in violation of this policy without notice.
  9. Lawn Signs are prohibited except as provided herein.
    1. Placement of a Lawn Sign is an Event under this policy.
    2. Lawn Signs may be placed only by the following:
      1. A University Department for the purpose of promoting a University Department program.
      2. A student group registered with SOFO.
      3. The University of Colorado Student Government ("CUSG") or candidate for CUSG office in connection with a CUSG election.
    3. Lawn Signs may only be placed on the following lawn areas. The map can be found at
      Benson Earth Sciences Building/Helen Fischer Field
      Norlin Quadrangle-Center
      Norlin Quadrangle – West
      Norlin Quadrangle –East
      Education Courtyard
      Fine Arts Green
      Hellems Lawn
      Mathematics Plaza
      Sewall Field
      Carlson Green
      West Ramaley
      Koenig Park
      Macky Park
    4. The maximum Lawn Sign dimensions are: 18 " X 24".
      1. Lawn signs must be constructed using metal "H" style frame.
    5. No more than 20 Lawn Signs are allotted to any Organizer at any given time.
    6. Any Lawn Signs placed in violation of this policy or not removed at the end of time period approved will be removed and destroyed without notice.
    7. This section does not apply to the Lawn Signs placed by:
      1. The University Department of Facilities Management in connection with its operations.
      2. The University Department of Public Safety.
      3. The University Department of Housing & Dining Services.
      4. The University Office of Orientation.
      5. The Conference on World Affairs.

Please see the Campus Use of University Facilities website for additional policies.

Can I bring a selfie stick to the Coors Events Center?

No. Selfie sticks are not permitted in the Coors Events Center. For a full list of prohibited items, please see "Prohibited items" above.


Where is the event taking place?

The presentation will take place at the Coors Event Center on the CU-Boulder campus, 950 Regent Drive.

What time do doors open?

Doors open at 7:30 a.m. for the morning teaching. Doors open at 12:30 p.m. for the afternoon talk. For more information, visit the Events page of this website.

What time does the Ticket Office open?

The Ticket Office opens at 7 a.m. for the morning teaching. The Ticket Office opens at noon for the afternoon talk. For more information, visit the Events page of this website.

Will I be able to watch this event online?

Both events will be live streamed. The Colorado Live Stream will be active at the time of the events.

Colorado Live Stream

Where can I eat between the morning and afternoon events?


University Memorial Center
Address: 1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309
(The UMC is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Coors Event Center)

  • Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill
  • Celestial Seasonings
  • Jamba Juice
  • Panda Express
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Starbucks Subway
  • UMC Market

Center for Community
Address: 2249 Willard Loop Dr, Boulder, CO 80305
(Directly across from Coors Event Center)

  • Dining Hall
  • WeatherTech Café
  • The Bakery


Basemar Shopping Center
Address: 2450 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80305

  • Noodles & Company
  • Whole Foods
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s
  • The Taj Indian Cuisine
  • Brewing Market Coffee
  • Beau Jo’s Pizza

Parking & Transportation

Where can I drop someone off for the event?

Drop offs are discouraged. Please plan on using public transportation to get to the event. Information about public transportation can be found on the RTD website.

Where can I find ADA parking?

If you purchased a CU-Boulder Dalai Lama parking permit, make sure you have both your permit and ADA placard to enter CU-Boulder's Main Campus. Please enter the main campus from Colorado Avenue. You will be directed to your parking location from there. If you do not have a parking permit and your ADA placard, you will not be allowed to park on main campus.

Can visitors park on the CU-Boulder campus?

Visitor parking will not be available on the CU Boulder campus unless you have a valid CU Boulder parking permit or a pre-paid Dalai Lama parking permit to enter campus. Alternative transportation is strongly encouraged. To map your route using public transportation, visit the RTD website. Walking and biking are also strongly encouraged.

How can I purchase remote lot parking through the Tibetan Association of Colorado?

Remote lot parking and shuttle service is no longer available for purchase.

I purchased remote lot parking through the Tibetan Association of Colorado, but I am staying for both events. How do I get back to my car?

Remote lot shuttle service concludes after the morning teaching. To return to your vehicle, please use public transportation. To map your route, visit the RTD website.

How can I get to the CU-Boulder campus?

We highly encourage event attendees to take public transportation, ride their bikes or walk to get to campus during the events. There will be no parking available on the CU-Boulder campus. To enter the CU Boulder campus via Regent Drive you must have either a pre-paid Dalai Lama parking permit or a valid CU Parking Permit.  

Where can I find more information about pre-purchased parking through the Tibetan Association of Colorado?

If you purchased parking through the Tibetan Association of Colorado and need information about the Flatiron Crossing or 29th Street Mall locations, please visit the Tibetan Association of Colorado website. Permits for these locations are no longer for sale.

ADA Accommodations

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the event center is wheelchair accessible.

Will there be handicapped parking close to the venue?

If you purchased a CU-Boulder Dalai Lama parking permit, make sure you have both your permit and ADA placard to enter CU-Boulder's Main Campus. Please enter the main campus from Colorado Avenue. You will be directed to your parking location from there. If you do not have a parking permit and your ADA placard, you will not be allowed to park on main campus.

Can I bring my service animal?


Will there be America Sign Language interpreters at the event?

Yes. There will be ASL interpreters at this event. If you need an interpreter for this event, please contact Alexis Williams for information about entering the venue and the location of your seat.