Biophony installation

Treespace Gallery

Designed as an auditory map of the city of Boulder, this artistic rendition of a natural forest built within the walls of the exhibition directly correlates to the noises happening within the city. Walking through the exhibition - much like a hike in nature - the visitor experiences the sensations and sounds of transient wildlife, streams and rustling leaves, which directly connect to the decibel levels and actions occurring throughout the city. Each speaker is connected to a microphone which was placed throughout the city, and each noise played in the gallery is dictated by the sounds of the surrounding urban landscape.

The space is modeled after an aspen grove. The aspen is a tree which claims an identity of the Rocky Mountains, and with its vast web of connected roots, some claim these groves create the largest living organism. Urban Biophony generates a web of auditory connections, completely and utterly manmade. Humans have an unprecedented rule over the natural soundscape. Our cities, cars, planes and man made facilities have begun to alter and over-power the wilderness. As cities expand, natural land disappears. Wildlife has begun to biologically mutate to assimilate and adapt to the exponential growth of the urban landscape.