squirrel specimen in exhibit space

"We have much to learn from trees. They show us how to thrive and participate in nature’s networks, how to live well within the harmonies and discords that give life its source, substance, and beauty." (David George Haskell, author of Song of Trees and The Forest Unseen)

A place for contemplation, discovery, and participation.
The Changing Gallery is being transformed into an exhibition and program space to explore trees. Between now and October 11, new exhibits are being installed and programs are being scheduled to study trees and examine how they impact life on earth. Drop in to see what is new and check back for updates on our calendar of events!

Lost in the Woods
A juried exhibition presented by the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists
(Through January 15, 2019)

Then and Now
A photographic look at how trees have transformed the campus of CU Boulder
(Coming in January 2019)