Ground Level OzoneOzone is an invisible, odorless gas that can either protect us or harm us depending on where it is found. Since at least the 1950’s the United States has been monitoring and regulating the amount of ground level ozone in our air – yet “ground level ozone” remains an unfamiliar term and concept to most of us. The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History’s new exhibit explores this misunderstood molecule with both an indoor exhibit and an outdoor garden.

  • Discover how human activities have increased the amount of ground level ozone, an invisible, highly irritating gas that forms just above the earth’s surface, to a level that is harmful to life on our planet–from plants to humans.
  • Explore our Ozone Garden to see how it makes the impacts of this invisible gas visible.
  • Commit to make the simple changes to our everyday behaviors that will improve air quality for all of us.

Ongoing exhibit
McKenna Gallery