Triceratops returns to CU campus, bigger and better than ever!

CU Boulder is now home to a full-scale Triceratops skeleton cast! This replica of the first mounted Triceratops in the world is based on bones from 10 different specimens of Triceratops horridus, collected in Wyoming in the early 1890s.  

Dedicated visitors of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History will remember the recent departure of the Triceratops skull, on loan for 41 years from the Smithsonian Institution. The University of Colorado Boulder is excited to announce that, in exchange, the Smithsonian generously gifted their historic Triceratops horridus fossil skeleton cast to the CU Museum.    

Thanks to one of CU’s paleontologists, Dr. Jaelyn Eberle, and a range of staff across campus puzzling on its placement, the Triceratops skeleton is now on display in the atrium entryway of the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) building, located on CU’s East Campus.

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Image credit: (above) Struthiomimus and Triceratops, Douglas Henderson, pastel on paper, 1999. From the children's book, Asteroid Impact, 2000.