“I have a fairly good 35MM camera, (4.5 lens with speeds up to 150th of a second) and I plan to take as many pictures as possible of the natives, their surroundings, etc.”

— Conrad Bud Johnson to Hugo Rodeck, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Director (1949)

Conrad 'Bud' Johnson was an avid photographer during his time in the Southwest Pacific. His photos straddle the line between science and art, between a soldier collecting data and man connecting with people. These photos are windows into the past, glimpses into the landscapes and people during Bud's time on the island. The land and sea are presented as lush and vast, pockmarked with the skeletons of machines from the World Wars. The photos of people are scientific and artistic. There was a goal to capture the people and their homes in a static representation. But, there are also photos of people that are at moments personal, portraits that go beyond the surface and become human.