The Air Quality InQuiry (AQ-IQ) Kits are carry-on suitcase sized kits, each containing two portable air quality monitors, accessories (e.g., batteries, power cords, etc.), a small laptop, and a comprehensive user manual. These monitors may be used with a project-based learning curriculum specifically developed to support the use of these monitors or teachers may incorporate the kits into existing curriculum plans.

The AQ-IQ curriculum is available through the TeachEngineering Digital Library. The monitors have been made available through a partnership with a Mechanical Engineering lab here at CU; this lab can also provide additional support on using the air quality monitors, troubleshooting, and conducting student-driven air quality research projects. You can learn more about the AQ-IQ Program by visiting their website. Similar to the Discovery Kits, the AQ-IQ Kits are available for a rental fee of $10/week and you can contact the museum’s Education Office to learn more about availability or to schedule a rental. Please contact 303-492-1666 or for more information.