Published: Sept. 11, 2018 By

SwapSwap is seeking CU Boulder student volunteers to assist with helping the university’s immigrant employees and members of Boulder’s international community learn better English.

Swap, a student-run organization at CU Boulder that is a program of CU Engage, has two volunteer tracks: the Swap Lessons track, which pairs CU Boulder students with university employees to practice English 8 hours a month (2 hours per week); and the Swap Exchange track, which pairs CU Boulder students with students from Boulder’s International English Center, a division of CU Boulder’s Continuing Education located on College Hill, to learn about US college life and practice English conversation together twice a month.

“For the Lessons track, we are hoping to pair 50-60 CU Boulder immigrant employees with students to improve the employees’ English proficiency and their ability to participate in the life of the university community this year,” says Heidi Harris, a student organizer with Swap and an International Affairs junior.

For students who can’t commit 8 hours a month to volunteering with Swap, the Exchange track offers CU Boulder students the chance to get to know a person from another country via the International English Center, a CU Boulder Continuing Education program serving international students who are working to improve their English and familiarity with US culture.

“Swap is a unique program because it allows CU Boulder students the opportunity to meet and talk with someone who lives and works here who you normally wouldn’t get to interact with on campus,” Harris explains. “I think encouraging or offering this opportunity for employees to learn English and be more involved in the campus community is really important.”

Likewise, the Exchange track offers students the unique experience of a cross-cultural exchange with an international student peer. Harris explains, “It’s an exchange of both English practice and cultural guidance, like going to get coffee or attend football games, and other things that are fun and good to know about the US college experience.”

Trainings are starting soon – this week and next week in the early evening - for both Swap’s Lessons and Exchange tracks. To volunteer with Swap or to learn more, please email, visit Swap’s Facebook page, or RSVP to volunteer here.