Greetings, and welcome to Swap! If you're interested in volunteering with Swap for the Spring 2024 semester, please click HERE!

Swap is a student-run, grassroots initiative that builds bridges of support and solidarity between Swap volunteers, campus employees, and international students in the Boulder community. 

Our mission is to bring together systematically divided campus sectors to share a common learning and cultural experience. This is accomplished by providing free and convenient English language lessons as well as help CU employees develop skills like computer literacy.  We believe our front-line employees hold underappreciated yet indispensable positions throughout the campus. Swap also provides conversation partners to CU International English Center (IEC) students, with the goal of helping provide our international friends with the tools to be productive and self-sufficient members of the Boulder community. Swap is a proud program of CU Engage.

At Swap, we have two different ways that you can get involved: Swap Lessons and Swap Exchange. Please visit our Get Involved page to learn more. 


Student Worker Alliance Program (SWAP)Read an article about how Swap benefits CU students and employees together, here.

​Keep in mind that a foreign language background is not necessary to participate as a volunteer with Swap. Please contact if you have any questions, comments, or are interested in joining Swap. You can also visit us at our office at University Memorial Center 137A. View our office hours here

If you are a CU employee, supervisor, or someone interested in receiving English lessons from Swap, email us your information and we would love to get you started. If you know someone who may be interested in lessons, please feel free to let us know as well.