Published: May 23, 2018

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The May Edition AMPLIFY guests at KGNU: from left to right, Neda Kikhia from Philanthropiece Foundation; Andrea Nawage from Boulder Housing Authority and a current Climate Justice Leader; and Magnolia Landa-Posas, Community Engagement Manager with the Just Transition Collaborative at CU Boulder. Not pictured: Katie Doyle Myers from Philanthropiece.

On the May 23 Edition of AMPLIFY, host Jennifer Ciplet speaks with guests Magnolia Landa Posas, Community Engagement Manager from the Just Transition Collaborative, Katie Doyle Myers, Executive Director of the Philanthropiece Foudation, and Climate Justice Leader Andrea Nawage, who are all part of a partnership between the City of Boulder and the Just Transition Collaborative to infuse Boulder’s Climate plan with more socio-economic equity and justice.


The Just Transition Collaborative (or JTC) is a program of CU Engage at CU Boulder. It engages in community partnerships, projects, and research to advance environmental justice in the transition to a sustainable economy.  The JTC support more just energy, climate, environmental and labor practices and policies that foster the inclusion of underrepresented peoples and values.





Climate Justice Leaders JTCC

The 2018 Climate Justice Leaders are community leaders from Boulder County who are working to co-create a better Climate Plan with the City of Boulder to address issues of socio-economic equity and environmental justice as Boulder becomes a cleaner, greener city.

In December 2016, Boulder’s City Council approved three resolutions concerning the City’s landmark Climate Plan, including a target to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

With a focus on building a green economy that benefits all community members, the City’s plan includes a roadmap to advance social justice in the transition to renewable energy. The focus on social justice emerged from community input into the draft climate plan, facilitated by the CU Boulder Just Transition Collaborative together with other partner organizations.

This spring and summer, the JTC and its partners at the Philantropiece Foundation are convening a series of gatherings with Climate Justice Leaders – people who are leaders in marginalized communities throughout Boulder County who are invested in making Boulder’s new Climate Plan the best that it can be for ALL of Boulder’s residents. Later this summer, the Climate Justice Leaders will meet with representatives from the City of Boulder and other public and private stakeholders in Boulder to co-create elements of Boulder’s Climate Plan implementation that take into account communities of color, low income communities, and innovative ways to make the transition to a cleaner, greener economy inclusive AND effective.