Published: Oct. 31, 2016

Diversity SummitThis November 8th, two CU Engage programs, INVST Community Studies and CU Dialogues, will be leading sessions on diversity and inclusion during the 2016 Diversity Summit, "Building the Road Map: I Am Because We Are."

From 3:30-4:15pm on Tuesday, November 8th, INVST will be leading a session together with the Inspired Dreamers @ CU and ODECE entitled "Including Undocumented Students at CU". The session will feature Dreamers at CU speaking directly from their own experience.

"While we are aiming our session at a faculty and staff audience, we invite everyone to come who wants to learn how CU could be a more inclusive community," explains Sabrina Sideris, INVST Program Director.

Also on November 8th, CU Dialogues is facilitating a series of "Dialogues on Inclusion and Diversity" together with Boulder Talks.

"The dialogues are not just about talking. The dialogue will use the opportunity to listen to one another as a way to identify actions we can take as individuals and as a community. True dialogue requires a diversity of viewpoints and we hope that a broad spectrum of students, faculty, and staff will attend. There are no experts in a dialogue.  Every voice matters and needs to be heard," says Karen Ramirez, CU Dialogues Co-Director.

All members of the CU Boulder community are invited to join a conversation on:

-          What we are doing to advance inclusion and diversity,

-          What else we need to be doing,

-          How each of us can fit into this effort.

These action-oriented, facilitated dialogues invite sharing about our experiences and visions for how CU can be a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse place that celebrates the differences we all represent. "Through dialogue, we will share stories about how diversity and inclusion happens or doesn’t happen for us at CU, and we will work together to identify steps we can take right now to create real and tangible inclusion on campus," explains Ramirez.

"This is the first step in our goal to achieve inclusive excellence," notes Pilar Prostko, CU Dialogues Program Coordinator and Facilitator. "There have been many voices that have felt excluded, disempowered and not part of the process. Since dialogues are facilitated conversations, they provide an opportunity to listen to one another and express ideas and opinions in an environment where everyone can participate equally," Prostko says.

Ideas generated through the dialogue will be collected and shared with CU leadership and the Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence. These dialogues are developed collaboratively by  Boulder Talks and the CU Dialogues Program.

You can join a dialogue on Tuesday, November 8th at one of the following times:

•       12:30-1:45pm in UMC 382
•       2:00-3:15pm in UMC 382

View the full Diversity Summit schedule here: