Highly stylized sepia tone still life.

Chris Blume, detail of Premonition 1, 2014, Lithograph, 11" x 15" © and courtesy the artist.

Ceramic replicas of kitchen tools and a sink.

Emily Bayless, detail of I Do, 2015, clay, felt, paint, 5'x5'x3' © and courtesy the artist.

Ceramic replica of a tube of cortizone,

Judd Shiffman, Because it could get infected, 2015, ceramic with mixed media, 7.5” x 21” x 5” © and courtesy the artist.

Black and white photo of a pair of fists with the words 'free' and 'food' on the knuckles.

Oren Franklin © and courtesy the artist.

Bright green plants agains a stripped green and pink background.

Sam Cikauskas, detail of Settle, 2015, woodcut, 23" x 35" © and courtesy the artist.

Ceramic fountain filled with ceramic coins.

Stephanie Kantor, detail of Money wash, 2015, Earthenware, glaze, hand pinched terra cotta coins, spray paint, 36" x 24"x 24" © and courtesy the artist.

Fall 2015 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

November 7 - 19, 2015

Exhibition venues (Tues-Sun 11am-5pm):
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th St, Boulder

The Jensdotter Project
5470 Conestoga Ct, Boulder

Oren Franklin film screening
University of Colorado Boulder

November 6, at 8:30pm

Questions around identity, familiar relations, and cultural, religious or political inheritance inform the work we do throughout our lives.  Yet it is often in graduate school, behind the closed doors of studios, unwatched, where we first focus our attentions on these influences, examine their importance, and construct our response. Uncanny installations of domestic environments, family traditions re-imagined, emblems of childhood stories, and symbols of a future filled with health and reconciliation are offered to the viewer in these exhibitions. The richly imagined worlds we enter offer unfolding dramas of lives just now being fully and independently lived.  Despite separate presentations of these works in three different venues, threads of connection exist among them.

Kim Dickey
professor, department of art & art history

Artists featured: Emily Bayless, Chris Blume, Sam Cikauskas, Oren Franklin, Stephanie Kantor, Judd Schiffman.

BMoCA artists: Bayless, Blume, Kantor
Jensdotter Project artists: Cikauskas, Schiffman
Screening at ATLAS: Franklin

Opening reception:
Friday, November 6, 2015

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art 5-7pm
1750 13th St, Boulder 

The Jensdotter Project 6-8pm
5470 Conestoga Ct, Boulder

Oren Franklin film screening
University of Colorado Boulder 8:30pm