Counseling and Psychiatric Services stands in solidarity with the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities.

In light of the Atlanta event and other recent events, including political unrest, social injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic, financial concerns and climate change, we understand the harmful and traumatic impact this may have on the mental health of our students and community. CAPS is committed to creating an environment based on our values of multicultural, multi-disciplinary and inclusive practices focused on providing care to our diverse student body.

We understand that everyone processes these events differently and that they can elicit a range of emotions from anger and sadness to numbness and overwhelm.

CAPS is here to serve as a safe and supportive resource for you. If you need someone to talk to or would like assistance with connecting to resources, please do not hesitate to call 303-492-2277.

Additional Resources Available

To learn more:

How to be an anti-racist ally:

Reporting options:

  • If you have concerns or have experienced discriminatory or harassing experiences based on identity, learn more about your options for reporting and confidential support through Don’t Ignore It
  • You can also report anti-Asian harassment by visiting the Stop AAPI Hate website

Campus support resources