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Post-Masters Social Work Fellow

Olivia graduated with a Master’s of Clinical Social Work from Boston College, and she holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Global Health Studies from Northwestern University. Before coming to CAPS, Olivia provided long-term individual counseling for young adults presenting with anxiety, depression, and other concerns at an outpatient group practice in Somerville, MA. Olivia also has experience conducting individual and group counseling focused on drug and alcohol use.

Olivia takes a strengths-based approach to therapy, believing that all clients are doing the best they can in their environment with the current skills and resources available to them. She understands that a strong therapeutic alliance is critical for effective therapy, and she brings authenticity to the relationship with humor and compassion. In collaboration with her clients, Olivia strives to bring awareness to harmful thought and behavior patterns and empowers clients to learn healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions.

Areas of Interest

Relational struggles, identity development, sex and sexuality, anxiety, depression, obsessions and compulsions, self-compassion

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