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April 20 | Ways You Can Prepare For Fiscal Year-End 2021

There are a lot of moving parts to fiscal year-end and it can feel like a maze. We will discuss how to start preparing, including tasks you can do now and tasks to do closer to June.

March 23 | Helpful Tips to Reduce Cost Transfers

We will present a brief overview of cost transfers, discuss red flags in audits and illustrate some tips to reduce the number of cost transfers.

Feb. 23 | PeopleSoft Update Q&A

Join Guy Chavez from University Information Services as he presents the final product and performs a walk-through. Watch a live demonstration on how to personalize your home pages and use the Navigator.

Jan. 26 | Why ePERs?

An ePER is proof that you are giving due time and effort to your sponsored project. Join us to learn what ePERs and effort reporting are all about and how to complete the process!

Dec. 15 | Advanced Document Search Upgrade Feature in CU Marketplace

Are you responsible for reviewing purchases for your department? Do you need to know how to look up requisitions, purchase orders or invoices? Join us for a demonstration of the advanced document search feature in CU Marketplace. Learn how to search for documents, save custom searches and export the results.

Nov. 17 | Month-End Financial Close

Do you have questions about month-end financial close? Are you struggling to remember which tasks you need to complete? And, what about all those deadlines? Join the Campus Controller's Office for an introduction to the month-end checklist which will help you organize your to-do list.

Oct. 27 | PeopleSoft Update

Are you wondering about what changes to expect in the upcoming PeopleSoft update scheduled for spring 2021? Join us for a demonstration of Fluid, the navigation system which is already in place in MyCU, HCM and Campus Solutions. 

Sept. 22 | Participant Support Costs

These costs can often be confusing. In this session, we will discuss the key things to understand when participant support costs are part of an award. Learn more about what makes a participant cost allowable, the common types of participant costs and how to make sure your unit is in compliance with award terms.