May 2021

  • Join the Campus Controller's Office in welcoming Kelly O’Flannigan to the accounting team. Kelly is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs where she not only received her master’s in accounting but was also a member of the UCCS women’s basketball team. She has most recently been working in the world of taxes, so we’re glad to convert her to our realm of higher education!

Campus Controller’s Office

We wish a fond farewell to Erica Davis, Eric Tuskind and Dean Duke. 

  • Erica Davis joined CCO in August 2017 as a grant accountant before transitioning to a grant accountant lead position in 2018. During her time at CU, she managed the funds and foundations desk, served as the primary point of contact between CCO and the industry foundations relations teams, and improved communication between CU partners, our foundations, and industry partners. Most recently Erica participated in the FBS Fellows program and served as an FBS Dialogues facilitator. Please contact Michael Ruybal with questions normally directed to Erica.
  • Eric Tuskind has been with CCO since November 2017 and has primarily managed the NIH desk over the past four years. He served as a grant accountant supervisor, overseeing the DOE and NSF desks before moving into a grant accountant senior role. During Eric's time at CU, he participated in multiple working groups, recruitments and most recently served as the point of contact for the Graduate School. Please contact Stephanie Rosario with questions normally directed to Eric.
  • Dean Duke joined CCO in January 2019 as a financial analyst, primarily working with the closeout team. Dean transitioned to co-managing the NSF desk and was instrumental in updating the participant support costs - policy and procedures. Dean is leaving CU to continue his career in research administration at the Duke School of Medicine. Please contact Clark Brown with questions normally directed to Dean.

Budget & Fiscal Planning

Teddy Niedermaier has transitioned to a new role at CU Boulder as associate director of strategic transformation with Financial Futures. Changes to contact information are below:

Campus Controller’s Office

  • We are happy to announce that Evan Blaisdell will be joining our team today as the compliance and financial reporting supervisor within Research Financial Services. Evan comes to us from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) where he has worked in the Controller’s Office contracts and grants accounting team for nearly six years. He started his career at UCSF in 2016 as an accounting assistant responsible for cash handling. He then worked on multiple teams within the Controller’s Office as a research administrator with full post-award lifecycle responsibilities including setup, billing, reporting and closeout. Evan is a CU Boulder graduate having earned his BA in Economics and recently earned his CPA designation. Please join us in welcoming Evan!
  • Please join us in congratulating Hannah Davis for her promotion to closeout accountant! Hannah has been an integral part of the closeout team since she joined the Campus Controller’s Office in September 2021 as a grant accountant intern. She is excited to expand her knowledge of sponsored research.
  • We have two new grant accountant interns on the closeout team: Mauricio Arevalo and Kathrine Ogier. Join us in welcoming them both to the team!
    • Mauricio has an accounting degree from the University of South Florida. He is an avid marathon runner and has a passion for the outdoors, swimming, biking, skiing, music production and DJing. Mauricio is moving to Boulder from south Florida.
    • Kat graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies. She recently moved to Boulder after living in London, UK for a couple of years. In her spare time, Kat enjoys reading, baking and hiking.

Budget & Fiscal Planning

  • We wish a fond farewell to two of our budget analysts, David Acevedo and Jordan Pfannenstiel.

  • We are pleased to announce that Jim Schoenecker, who previously worked on the close-out team as an accounting intern, has transitioned to the debt and asset management team as a cash and construction accountant. Please join us in congratulating Jim!
  • We are happy to announce that Andrew Norman accepted a position as grant accountant within Research Financial Services. Andrew began working in the Campus Controller’s Office in 2015 as a student employee. He then worked as a closeout accountant intern, before becoming a closeout accountant in 2018. Andrew has been working closely with the grant accounting team and is knowledgeable in expenditure reviews and maximizing compliance. In his new role, Andrew will be overseeing sponsors such as the Department of Energy and National Labs.
  • In addition, we wish a fond farewell to Adam Finefrock who worked as a grant accountant within Research Financial Services. Adam’s last day was December 10. Wondering who to contact now? David Scarbeary-Simmons will be happy to help you with any questions. 

Join us in welcoming Jason Hendricks to the Budget and Fiscal Planning team as our new associate director. Jason comes to us from the Jeffco school district where he has worked in budget and finance for the past six years, most recently as the director of finance.

We are excited to have Lou Gusbar join Budget and Fiscal Planning as an analyst. Most recently he worked as a business manager in the college of public health at Temple University and in the registrar’s office at U Penn.

We are pleased to announce that Lauren Stockwell has joined the team as a revenue management supervisor in the Campus Controller’s Office. Lauren previously served as a finance and accounting manager for the CU Boulder College of Arts and Sciences. We are excited to have her on the CCO team!

While the Campus Controller’s Office looks to fill the fiscal compliance position, please send any compliance concerns or questions to the fiscal compliance team or use the CCO feedback form. To report concerns involving fiscal misconduct by university employees, violations of state or federal law, serious or recurring violations of university policy, or gross waste of university funds or property, we would like to remind you to use the CU EthicsLine.

Please join us in welcoming Kaitlyn McCrudden as a new senior accountant in the Campus Controller’s Office. Kaitlyn has extensive accounting experience, including public accounting (auditing), industry accounting, and governmental accounting. In her previous position, she managed accounting for an engineering company in Boulder. Kaitlyn likes to hike, read, bake and hang out with friends and her dog Tootsie. We’re excited to have her on the accounting team!

Farewell to one great team member and grant accountant, Jiao Hemphill. Jiao worked with the university for six years, most recently in the Research Financial Services unit. Her hard work, dedication, and willingness to share knowledge will be greatly missed.

Join us in welcoming Hannah Davis and Annie Soho to the closeout team in the Campus Controller's Office.

Please join us in welcoming Mandy Cole as our new assistant vice chancellor for budget management. Learn more about Mandy here.

Scott Jones, assistant director of budget management in the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning (BFP), has accepted an opportunity to join the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). His last day was July 23. Scott has been a huge asset to the CU Boulder Budget & Fiscal Planning team and we truly wish him all the best in his new role at CDE.

Griffen Rowe-Gaddis, research financial services revenue manager in the Campus Controller's Office (CCO), has received an incredible opportunity to study for a Master's in Economics at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He will be moving to Barcelona this August to attend the fall semester. His last day will be August 4.

Griffen started working with the CCO/RFS unit in February 2019 while in the Bursar's office. In October 2019, Griffen joined RFS as a revenue management accountant and was promoted to manager in December 2020. Griffen has been instrumental in reconciling the sponsored projects' accounts receivable speedtype, organizing the workflow of his unit, and providing accounts receivable guidance internally to CCO as well as to campus partners. For the past several months, Griffen has provided valuable input towards the development of a robust cross-campus collections workbench that will streamline the collections process for sponsored research funds. 

Please join us in wishing Griffen the best of luck in his new exciting endeavor! We will miss his positive and resourceful approach here at CU.

We are happy to announce David Scarbeary-Simmons as our new director for research financial services! Learn more about David here.

Please join us in congratulating Zahid Ashrafi on his promotion to close out supervisor for research financial services (RFS) in the Campus Controller’s Office! Zahid has been with CU for six and a half years and has been serving as the close-out lead accountant. He also leads the onboarding and training program for RFS employees new to research administration. Zahid is an experienced and well-respected expert in the world of research financial reporting and compliance. We are grateful for his service and are looking forward to seeing him shine in his new role!

We are excited to announce that Eddie Castillo will be permanently filling the role of cost share accountant and Clark Brown has been promoted to a grant accountant position. Please join us in congratulating Eddie and Clark!

Diana Garris has accepted a new position with the city of Erie. Her last day at the Campus Controller’s Office will be July 2. CCO will miss her creative problem solving, attention to detail and dedication to customer service. Please join us in wishing her best wishes on her next adventure. Ann Nguyen will oversee the petty cash/gift card audits and modifications until a replacement is hired. Any other questions can be directed to Greg Roers.

We would also like to announce that Carmen Ardalan is moving on from her position as area accountant. Her last day was June 25. Samantha Vang will oversee her department assignments until a replacement is hired.

Karina Provost will be leading one of the federal grant accountant teams in RFS as a grant accountant supervisor. Agencies under Karina’s supervision include Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Energy, NASA, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Ed among others. Karina has worked in CCO – sponsored research – since December 2018, first as an invoicing specialist, then as a grant accountant, and now as a supervisor. Please join us in congratulating Karina!

Michael (Mike) Ruybal will be leading the primarily non-federal grant accountant team in RFS as a grant accountant supervisor. Agencies under Mike’s supervision include industry sponsors, foundations, associations, international sponsors, universities and private non-profits. Mike began at CCO in October 2018 as a grant accountant intern. He then moved into a grant accountant position until being promoted to supervisor. Please join us in congratulating Mike!   

Please join us in welcoming Samantha (Sam) Vang in the accounting manager position where she will be supervising the area accounting unit. Sam joins us from CU South Denver where she spent four years in both senior and management roles. She also spent a couple of years working in the Office of the Vice President for Budget and Finance at the System Office.  Please join us in welcoming Sam to CCO!

Please join us in welcoming Robert (Rob) Guinn as the new senior accountant in the CCO Finance and Tax Reporting unit. Rob has extensive accounting experience, including governmental experience with Salt Lake City. In his previous position, he was a sales tax auditor with the City of Boulder. In addition to his accounting experience and expertise with the intricacies of Colorado taxes, he brings advanced Excel capabilities, a collaborative mindset, and a proactive eagerness to tackle new projects. We are excited to have Rob join our team!

Jonel Forbes has transitioned from a cost share accountant position to a technical operations accountant position—formerly Linda Cross-Hagar’s role—effective March 22. During this transition period, please contact Eddie Castillo if you have questions related to cost shares.