Finance and Business Strategy 

CCO is one of four primary units within the Finance and Business Strategy (FBS) team. Our office and fellow offices within FBS work to ensure the University of Colorado Boulder has a strategic, systematic, and comprehensive approach to all areas of business and financial management.

Campus Controller's Office

CCO is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the university is preserved through proper financial accounting and reporting. Our focus is on maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures, as well as contract requirements for sponsored projects. We provide oversight, assistance and training in the administration of financial stewardship on behalf of the University of Colorado Boulder.  

In this capacity, we: 

  • Serve as an advisor to University of Colorado Boulder Campus accountants and administration
  • Ensure proper financial stewardship of the university's funds
  • Provide oversight to those who have fiscal responsibility
  • Act as a trusted partner 
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards, and
  • Work collaboratively to uphold the university's mission

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Campus Controller's Office Areas

  • Bursar's Office - Responsible for the management of key university financial resources and records, and acts as a central collection point for university receipts.
  • Campus Controller's Compliance - Develop, implement, and maintain an annual internal review plan that will identify areas of financial and operational risk.
  • General Accounting - Manages accounting oversight and training for VC and Fund areas, cost accounting, plant fund and property, cash audits, and finance system access. 
  • Sponsored Projects Accounting - Oversee the post-award financial administration of sponsored research for the University of Colorado Boulder, directly managing accounts for Restricted Funds 30 and 31.