Published: April 1, 2024

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) is thrilled to announce that on April 3, their website will undergo a significant upgrade focused on improving key areas: Get Help, Travel and Paying. These updates are designed to enhance your experience and make accessing vital information more intuitive. 

  • In Get Help you’ll find a new video library, pages providing information about Concur and Marketplace, and a link to the PSC knowledge base. 
  • The new Paying area includes important information on purchase order invoices, non-purchase order payments, canceling and reissuing payments, and AP international payments. 
  • The new Travel area walks the traveler through the entire process with pages organized by the following stages “Before you Travel”, “Booking Travel”, “During Travel”, and “Returning from Travel”. 

Please update any bookmarks or shared links to the PSC site once the changes go live. The PSC is eager to bring you these enhancements and is confident they will streamline your interactions with their services. 

Thank you for your continued engagement.