Published: Dec. 1, 2023

During this time of gratitude, BFP and CCO are especially grateful for our dedicated colleagues and partners across campus. Your hard work, dedication and creativity make our campus a better place. Thank you for all that you do.

To celebrate the season of gratitude, we invited Budget & Fiscal News readers and others to submit their expressions of gratitude. We've published these submissions below to create a space for connection and appreciation.

"Be present in all things and thankful for all things" - Maya Angelou

  • I’m very grateful for Andrew May who coordinated a LASP tour providing and in-depth look at the exciting research they do and for collaborating with the CCO team on the ICR analysis and federal submission. – Vicki Nichol
  • I’d love to thank everyone who assists with the Fiscal Certification and Foreign Gifts and Contracts Reporting, in addition to our risk reviews and gap analyses. These are projects that bring together folks from across campus, and they would not be successful without the hard work, thoughtfulness, and responsiveness of our partners. – Patricia Santiago, CCO.
  • I am thankful to all departments who helped CCO complete our internal audit process for petty cash, change funds and gift cards. Thank you to all departments that allowed CCO to observe and understand their consumable inventories. – Cynthia Mews, CCO
  • Tremendous thank you to the Real Estate Services team and the CUBEC team for education, assistance, and alignment in setting up controls and processes surrounding the conference center and hotel parking garage. – Sheri Valashinas, CCO
  • I am very thankful for all who assisted with implementing GASB96 to ensure we have accurate reporting for software subscriptions. – Justin Church and Sheri Valashinas, CCO
  • I am thankful to Sean Quinlan-Law School, Carrie Howard-College of Music, and Jesse Falk-HCM Access Coordinator for continually helping whenever needed ensuring for a smooth process related to employee access. – Lynn Shirk, CCO
  • I am thankful for all DAICR stakeholders taking the time to review the newly created DAICR report and all the positive and encouraging comments and feedback, so we were able to produce a very useful and better than expect DAICR report! I am also thankful for those who participated and completed the task of the space survey last spring and summer to enable us to submit our F&A rate proposal as planned. – Joy Vidalon, Cost Accounting Team 

  • Thank you to many campus departments for maintaining their allocations at year-end and providing their FYE updates timely. – Maggie Young, CCO
  • Thank you, Derek Silva, Business Strategy, for hosting open Wednesday meditation sessions. – Maggie Young, CCO
  • I am thankful for the comradery and assistance Kim Gottschal provides in working with the bookstore sales taxes. – Robb Guinn, CCO
  • I’m thankful to all the departments who provide PAO with the tag information after receiving the tags to put on the capital equipment. - Melissa Keller, CCO
  • As a new hire working at CU, even the smallest of gestures makes a difference in getting connected. When I was adjusting to the hybrid work model, I was struggling to get my workstation at home established with all the supplies needed to do my job properly. My team quickly connected me to the Distribution Center, and the team graciously helped me select all the right monitors/cords/stations that I needed. What seemed like a regular day for the Distribution Center, made a big difference in my first month on board and getting excited about what resources are available to me. I am thankful for the Distribution Center and all that they do for the University and the employees. – Alaina Disterlic, CCO
  • I am grateful that there is someone who will listen to your challenges and take the time to explain something complicated or guide you in the right direction. – Michael Ruybal, CCO
  • I am thankful for our campus partners who have graciously allowed us to meet with them on-site and share their knowledge and experience with us! – Russ Jeans, CCO
  • I am thankful to our leadership team, and all employees within CCO and FBS for making me feel welcome, sharing knowledge, and helping make my first year with the university amazing! – Sheri Valashinas, CCO