Published: Dec. 1, 2023


During 2022, the Campus Controller’s Office collaborated with campus partners to increase transparency around Indirect Cost Recovery and Departmental Administration Indirect Cost Recovery. Through a working group committee and presentations for groups such as Tuesday Talks and the Finance Leaders Council, CCO discussed transparency and reporting around departmental administration indirect cost recovery (DAICR). After gathering and considering feedback, DAICR activity was moved from fund 10 to fund 11 in FY23. The intent of this change was to allow for greater transparency and streamline reporting efforts.


DAICR & ICR budget is held in fund 11. This is intended to track all DAICR/ICR budget and related expenses and increase transparency around these funds.

DAICR budget in the fund 11 may not be moved out of fund 11. Exceptions include temporary budget transfers for:

  • DAICR related to start-ups
  • Purchase of capital equipment
  • If a DAICR-related shortfall or surplus remains on fund 10 from the FY22 to FY23 transition, that balance may be transferred one-time temp budget

If you need to create a budget transfer related to an exception please include that in the long description and email to notify that you are submitting a journal with an exception.

It is recommended to move DAICR related expenses to fund 11 speedtypess. Fund 12s are cash based and a cash or expense transfer is allowable to fund 12 (Cost Share). Please see CCO’s current funds page for more information. Also, review the cash transfer table, if needed.

There are no restrictions on transfers between fund 11s.

DAICR budget in fund 11 directly ties to the amount of DAICR allocated, it is allocated on account codes 460000 and 960000/960001.

If DAICR funds are moved into a fund 72 reserve, DAICR should not be commingled with other fund 10 reserves. DAICR can cover capital equipment via transfer to fund 71. 

For all non-budget related DAICR questions, please reach out to your campus accountant.