Published: Oct. 3, 2022

Looking for the name of the grant accountant assigned to your sponsored project/speedtype (fund 30/31/33)? Here is a quick guide on how to find them.


Please direct any questions or feedback you might have to David Scarbeary-Simmons, Director of Research Financial Services.

1. m-Fin Reports

The grant accountant can be found on several CU-Data m-fin reports under the project accountant. Below are a few frequently used m-fin reports for sponsored projects that show the project accountant. 

  • m-Fin Award - Search by project ID or award code
  • m-Fin Trial Balance Summary - Search by project ID, award code and/or speedtype
  • m-Fin Financial Detail - Search by project ID, award code, speedtype, org
  • m-Fin Operating Summary - Search by project, speedtype, org, fiscal role employee name

2. Finance - Lookups

m-Fin Fiscal Roles - Shows positions and individuals assigned fiscal roles (e.g. program manager, project principal) for a specific speedtype, org or position number. Search fiscal roles and choose project accountant to see the assigned grant accountant.

3. Project/Speedtype Lookup (new field)

The results of the project/speedtype lookup report will show a new field, team member, which is the grant accountant for the project/speedtype. This report is under the eRA reports in CU-Data.

CU-Data Path: Team Content > eRA > CU Boulder > Proposal and Award Tracking > Project/Speedtypes > Project/Speedtype Lookup

The prompt page allows you to select one or more options from eight data fields. The results will include the assigned grant accountant. Searchable data fields: 

  • Proposal number(s)
  • Award number(s)
  • Project number(s)
  • Speedtype(s)

  • Org ID(s)
  • Principal investigator(s)
  • Sponsor(s)
  • Department(s)