Published: Oct. 3, 2022

Background and history

One of the major objectives of the BRIDGE project was to develop a tool for departments to monitor sensitive expense account activity.

Zahid Ashrafi, closeout supervisor in CCO’s Research Financial Services, worked on this report aided by Evan Blaisdell during the later stages.

Special thanks to Lucas Eads, Kathyrn Morgan, Catherine Latzer and all others who provided vital feedback and helped create this report!

We are pleased to introduce the new m-Fin Report for sponsored research awards—the sensitive expenditure report (SER). This report will allow department users to monitor potentially unallowable expenditures on externally funded awards and will help reduce audit risk by listing the expenditures with account codes that are considered higher risk.

This report, combined with regular account reviews by departments, will help move CU in the right direction by addressing the 2019-2020 NSF audit findings that indicated CU needed to strengthen its administrative and management controls.

If you have questions, please contact Evan Blaisdell, compliance supervisor.