Published: June 1, 2022

Have questions? Attend office hours! 

Have questions on converting DAICR from fund 10 to fund 11? Need some help moving recurring expenses or moving budget? Join Liz Spencer and Mandy Cole from BFP at our open office hours on Thursdays at 2 p.m beginning June 9.

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Thank you all for your continued assistance and cooperation with our transition from fund 10 to fund 11 for DAICR (departmental administration indirect cost recovery)!

In April, we communicated some details about the DAICR continuing budget allocation shift. Here are the most recent updates:

Review for accuracy

At the end of May, departments that receive DAICR distributions will have received a list of their DAICR speedtypes to review for accuracy. This will enable us to complete a mass upload for the fund 11 speedtypes. This process will occur at the beginning of June and we will communicate with departments once those are created. Again, many thanks to you for completing this review!

Confirm your department's ICR splits

Additionally, part of the process to ensure the accuracy of your DAICR distribution is to confirm your ICR splits. You will have recently received an email from CCO with your pertinent project data. The deadline for any ICR split changes is Friday, August 12, to allow us time to complete the final data for the annual continuing budget distribution.

DAICR budget shift from fund 10 to 11

Once the C-Roll has been processed in July, BFP will begin working with departments to move their DAICR budget from fund 10 to fund 11.