Published: Dec. 1, 2021

Need a refresher on the F&A process?


  • For questions related to equipment location and inventorying, contact Andy Settle.
  • For other questions related to the space survey, contact Joy Vidalon

Preparing to Negotiate

Every four to five years, CU Boulder negotiates a new facilities and administrative (F&A) rate with the federal government, officially known as an indirect cost rate agreement. To prepare for the negotiation, we need to collect specific data to form a calculated F&A rate, which we do within a base year. We are currently in our base year, FY22, and will need your help.

What is a space survey?

One set of data we need to collect involves a space survey. A space survey is a process of determining the use of campus space. In partnership with Facilities Management, the Campus Controller’s Office will be performing a space survey in early 2022. 

Ways to Prepare for the Space Survey 

To prepare for the space survey, the Campus Controller’s Office and Facilities Management will be offering training in January 2022. Keep an eye on the Budget & Fiscal News for announcements and registration details.

Also, if you manage a laboratory, manage equipment for your department, or have building responsibilities, we might reach out to you to set up a brief discussion about space. When working with departments on the space survey, staff in the Campus Controller’s Office will be ensuring that equipment is not located in common spaces and will ask for details to understand how space is utilized.