Our Services

If you’d like to review your work with a tutor, you will need to be able to upload your work to Google Drive so that you and your tutor can view and comment on the draft at the same time. You will also have the option of communicating with your tutor through a voice or video call via Zoom, or through the chat window within Google Docs.

You can make two kinds of appointments: synchronous appointment (real-time) and asynchronous appointment (not real-time). Make sure when you book an appointment that you select the type of appointment that best suits your needs.

Synchronous Appointments

  • Synchronous sessions are real-time appointments where you meet with your tutor at the specific time of your appointment. You can work with your tutor over Zoom or using only the chat feature on Google Docs if you would prefer not to use video/audio.
  • To schedule a synchronous appointment, log into our scheduling service and click on an open appointment (white box) to make an appointment with a tutor. Tutors with "(SYNCHRONOUS)" next to their names are available for synchronous tutoring.
  • You will meet your tutor in Google Docs and Zoom and work on your paper at the same time. This experience is similar in some ways to an in-person tutoring session as you will be interacting live with your tutor.
  • At the end of your session, complete your next steps plan with your tutor.

Asynchronous Appointments

  • Asynchronous sessions are not conducted in real-time, and you will only communicate with your tutor over email or in the comment feature of Google Docs.
  • Because tutors have 24 hours to return feedback, do not select an asynchronous appointment if your paper is due within 24 hours of your appointment time.
  • To schedule an asynchronous appointment, log into our scheduling service and click on an open spot (white box) to make an appointment with a tutor. Tutors with "(ASYNCHRONOUS)" next to their names are available for asynchronous tutoring.
  • In an asynchronous appointment, you will upload your paper share it with your tutor. You must post your work and share it to your tutor by the time your appointment starts, and you should include questions for your tutor.
  • Within 24 hours of the start of your appointment time, your tutor will provide feedback to you on Google Docs/Google Drive and will email you to let you know that you have feedback. If your tutor was not able to get through the entire paper within the allotted time, you will need to make another appointment.

Our Tutors

Christine Zabala, Coordinator

Christine Staff Photo

Hello! My name is Christine, and I am a current PhD Candidate in the Education Department where I focus on Literacy instruction. I have a Master's in Literature, and I have worked at various writing centers across the country for three years prior to my arrival at CU Boulder. In addition to writing center work, my passion is teaching college-leve writing, which is why I am pursuing my degree in Education here at CU!
Email for tutoring appointments: christine.zabala@colorado.edu

Kirsten Musetti Tivaringe, Coordinator

Kirsten Staff Photo

Hello, I'm Kirsten, a fifth year Doctoral Candidate in the School of Education, studying Literacy Curriculum and Instruction. I also have Undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and a Master’s in the Art of Education.  Previously, I have been a classroom English teacher, curriculum writer, and teacher educator. At CU, I teach children's literature and reading methods to future educators, and am passionate about supporting students of all ages in meeting their academic goals. In my spare time, I love enjoying all activities the mountains have to offer.

Email for tutoring appointments: Kirsten.Musetti@colorado.edu