What is the Online Composition Hub?

The Online Composition Hub is an online space where students enrolled in courses with The Division of Continuing Education at CU Boulder can get support with their work. We take “composition” to mean work that involves words, visual images, sounds, digital tools, and much more! Our tutors can help with traditional papers or projects that involve web design, video, blogging, Prezi, PowerPoint, etc. You can come see us at any stage of the composing process: brainstorming ideas, drafting, revising, or polishing. You can even get assistance with professional materials, such as resumes, cover letters, applications, and research projects. Not an undergrad student? That’s okay! We will work with graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Here at The Online Composition Hub, we recognize that everyone could often use another pair of eyes on their work in order to achieve excellence.

Sound good? Then let’s get started! All you need are a computer and an Internet connection.

How This Works

You can either meet with a tutor synchronously (as in, you’re both online at the same time and talking to one another), or asynchronously (you communicate via messages but are not online at the same time). Regardless of which option you choose, our tutors will guide you and provide mini-lessons and explanations to help meet your needs. However, you need to be an active participant in the session by sharing your questions and helping us help you.

We are not just a remedial service and we will not edit your work for you. We will discuss and work with you, so that you can learn new strategies to covey those brilliant ideas of yours.

Visit our About tab to learn more about our services and meet our current tutors. Visit the Policies and FAQs tab to have your questions about our services answered and to see our rules for sessions. Visit the Support for Our Sessions tab for more detailed instructions about navigating the scheduling service and technical support. If you want to view resources on your own time, visit the Writing Resources tab to get guidelines, tips, and tricks for all your writing needs.