Is CommRAP right for you?

As you explore your options, you might wonder if you belong in a large university setting or a smaller college atmosphere. The benefit of an award-winning research university like CU is the scope of academic and social opportunities. But it can be overwhelming and impersonal, especially at first.

Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) like CMCI’s CommRAP are one way the the University of Colorado Boulder helps provides first year students with the support and individualized attention found in a smaller college atmosphere.

CommRAP is organized around a “communication and society” theme. It is a unique interdisciplinary meeting place—as well as an intellectual incubator and playground for CMCI—where students interested in communication-related majors mingle with those who may not intend to major but know how important communication has become to any career pursuit.

We achieve this community through a committed team of student, staff and faculty personnel; small seminar-style courses; co-curricular activities outside the formal classroom; an ongoing stream of community events; and a rich array of supportive resources offered in and beyond the building.

Some of the benefits of CommRAP are:

  • Enrollment in a wide-range of small, interactive classes that meet the general core requirements of the College of Media, Communication and Information and the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Academic and co-curricular focus on a participatory learning with an emphasis on writing, creativity, storytelling and critical thinking.

  • On-going contact with administration, faculty and staff housed in Buckingham who are able to assist with first year of college issues and needs.

  • Opportunities to build a strong student and faculty connections within the CMCI major fields of study. The peer group you form in CommRAP will be in your classes throughout the rest of your college career.

  • Hands-on opportunities to understand how communication influences all aspect of life and to meet with leaders in the communication community whose work is having an impact on society.

Is CMCI right for you?

Visit CMCI's website to learn more about the College of Media, Communication and Information.

Cost and Application

CommRAP is open to students in the CMCI as well as those who are interested in communication and society, regardless of their chosen major field of study. To apply, interested students must first complete their online Housing application and should indicate Communication and Society RAP at Buckingham Hall as their first choice on their housing application as early as possible. Admission to the program is determined by the receipt date of the housing request and is first-come, first served.

For more information regarding the application process, please contact Josephine Kapatayes, program coordinator, by phone at 303-492-1996 or via email.

The Communication and Society RAP fee is $850 for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee that covers the cost of in-residence instruction, academic enrichment through co-curricular activities, community-building events and guest speakers. The RAP fee is in addition to tuition, fees and room and board. It will be applied to the your fall semester bill.