Welcome to CommRAP.

Your first year of college is a watershed experience. The University of Colorado Boulder is a dynamic learning environment with a wide array of courses, opportunities and experiences. You'll meet people in and outside the classroom who will shape your college career and influence the rest of your life. And CommRAP is a big part of these experiences.

As the Director of CommRAP, I'm excited to get to know you and help you build this year’s Buckingham community (or "BuckingFam," as we call it). Our goal is to blend the opportunities of a large research university with the warmth and personal connections of a smaller environment. Our connection to the College of Media, Communication and Information will provide you with unique opportunities, because CMCI is designed as a place to think, innovate and create. In CommRAP, we further these goals with a wide array of social and co-curricular activities, an ongoing stream of community events and a rich array of supportive resources offered in and beyond the building.

I look forward to the many wonderful experiences we will share over the coming year.

Melinda Kiger Cheval
Interim Director, CommRAP
Senior Instructor, Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design