What is a RAP?

A RAP is a Residential Academic Program where you can take smaller classes in the residence hall and to be part of a small living-learning environment within a large university.

Is participation required in the CommRAP?

All students who select Communication & Society RAP in Buckingham Hall are required to take one 3 credit hour course in the program each semester.

Can I be in CommRAP if I am not in CMCI?

While the majority of residents are in CMCI, we welcome students from other disciplines who have an interest in communication or are considering applying to CMCI, if space is available.

Will I take all of my courses in Buckingham Hall?

No, some of your courses will be taken on main campus in a regular classroom setting. You can take more than one course in the hall each semester on a space available basis.

How are the courses in the program different from the same courses taught elsewhere?

Most CommRAP classes don’t exceed 20 students, whereas courses on campus are typically much larger, sometimes enrolling 300+ students. In addition, courses taught in the hall tend to be more interactive with more opportunity for discussion and hands-on activities.

What are some of the advantages in participating in the CommRAP?

Some describe the CU RAP programs  as a small liberal arts college experience within a large research university. You will be part of a small program with about 200 students, have unique learning opportunities and a great community experience.   You will take courses in the building where you live, get to know your professors and have more opportunities to interact with them than is normally the case. You will have the opportunity to participate in events on and off campus and meet guests who have made an impact in academia and the communication professions.  You will have a chance to integrate course content, communication skills and social skills to empower you as a student.   

Do I have to live in Buckingham Hall to participate in the CommRAP?

Students who participate in the CommRAP must live in Buckingham.  However, students who learn about the program after they have chosen their hall should contact the CommRAP Director.  If there is no room to transfer into Buckingham and spaces are still available in the class that you would like to take, you can register for the class. You will be charged the RAP fee of $425. The program fee allows you to take advantage of all CommRAP activities.

What does the CommRAP fee cover?

The program fee of $425—paid in full with the fall term bill—covers the cost of faculty instruction, academic enrichment through co-curricular activities and hall social events.

Can I participate in the CommRAP for more than one year?

Yes, but be aware we offer a limited number of 2000-level courses each year.

If I decide to live in Buckingham Hall during my sophomore year, can I apply to be a community developer?

Yes.  If accepted as a Community Developer, your CommRAP fee will be waived as part of your service to the program.

What do I need to do if I no longer wish to participate in the CommRAP?

Please email commrap@colorado.edu and inform the program coordinator of your decision, then notify Housing Reservations at 303-492-6673 or email at studenthousing@colorado.edu. Students assigned to CommRAP rooms who drop the program will be moved to another residence hall to allow the waitlisted students to get into these rooms and participate in the program.

Will I receive a refund for the CommRAP fee if I leave the program?

The program will grant a refund to your tuition bill if you withdraw from the university before the drop/add deadline in the fall. Students who chose to leave the program mid-semester or mid-year are not entitled to a refund.  View details on withdrawing from the university here.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

Contact our Program Coordinator via email. You may also simply stop by our offices in Buckingham Hall during normal business hours.